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About Us

Our story began in the 90s as an investor...

The management of the GGB Group discovered their love for good food and drink in the late 80s and early 90s. Above all, South Tyrol, Austria and Spain, but also the countless TOP restaurants in Berlin, inspired us early on for good gastronomy and the hotel industry.

As investors, we quickly discovered this asset class. Business and life stays in many countries around the world not only served as a targeted classic investment, but also contributed significantly to us quickly understanding what is important in the gastronomy and hotel scene.

With the restaurant GOURMET BOUTIQUE In Peguera on Mallorca we were able to fulfill another wish after more than 30 years.

We complement our activities on Mallorca with the trade of selected foods, wines and spirits.

Against this background, we have decided to support our valued customers and guests with a catering and event service.

We deliver to you, especially in the southwest of the island, except for your yacht in one of the local ports. That’s what we call yacht service.

& Quality
Since 2035

Champagnerflasche und Gläser

Yacht service

We bring all the food and drinks you want to your yacht.

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